Black Rice & Prawn Salad

This dish was thought about in so much detail before I actually made it. I ruminated, postulated, pondered, planned and considered every aspect to the nth degree. Mostly because I was too scared of braving the market to actually buy the ingredients…

My basic art skills produced the following diagram to jog my memory during the actual cooking part of this grand undertaking.

I eventually ventured out and probably got ripped off found all the ingredients for a good price at my local Thị Nghè market, in Binh Thanh just facing District 1. The only extra items I needed were finicky presentation rings that I found easily at the fantastic Phương Hà where all the ladies now greet me by name and ask me what I’m making *this time*.

I collected up all the elements in little bowls, pretended I was on a cooking show, smiled for the studio audience and got to work. It was absolutely well worth the effort and the results were delicious.

If you’d like to have a go at re-creating, check out my diagram for the recipe. It’s really as simple as that!

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