Mai Sen Bistro

Known between friends as “The German Place”, Mai Sen Bistro has provided the go-to option for a well cooked and simple western meal since my move to Vietnam in September 2016. Situated in Binh Thanh district, a quiet haven at the end of Busy Ngo Tat To street, it’s a well-known place among residents of City Garden.

This restaurant is attached to a culinary school where underprivileged young Vietnamese people learn cookery and front-of-house skills to a five star standard. Consequently, the staff are extremely attentive (if a little unsure of themselves sometimes) and always happy to talk about the new dishes they have been learning.

Schnitzel, potatoes and cabbage with cumin seeds and bacon

The menu features both Vietnamese and German/European food, and given the quality and variety of street food in the local area it’s much better value to go for the western option. The portion sizes are generous and the value for money is excellent. Their German comfort food is the star here –  Schnitzel with potatoes, Spätzle with caramelised onions and cheese, Sausages with mashed potatoes and mustard… possibly not what you’d think of ordering in the muggy Saigon heat but it’s well worth the inevitable food-coma.

Roast beef and goat’s cheese salad 

This lovely place also boasts an amazing European style bakery selection. I often find myself walking here on a Saturday morning to pick up a baguette, rye loaf or fruit danish to tide me over the weekend.

Meal per person VND 150k-250k including starter, main and drink.
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