Thai Street

A recently opened branch to the original street-side restaurant in Thao Dien, Thai Street district 1 occupies a rooftop space above Maison Marou and Tomatito on Calmette Street.

Easily convinced to pay a visit for their set lunch, the space appears inviting and fun. The decor is colourful and modern with an open kitchen setup of mock Thai street carts. A nice touch. There is both an outdoor and indoor seating area so guests can choose whether to sweat it out street-style or relax in the air conditioning.

Street cart open kitchen

The menu features recognisable Thai cookery with lots of choices. The set lunch has many options of curries and stir-fried dishes, served with steamed or sticky rice, vegetables and salad. Also included is a gorgeous mango and coconut milk sticky rice and a huge glass of Thai tea. Amazing value at 120k VND per person.

Set lunch of stir-fried pork with Thai basil, vegetables, salad, rice, dessert and Thai milk tea!

The red duck curry with pineapple and lychee was gorgeous, but could have been more spicy. Possibly, dishes are toned down a little spice-wise but it would take another visit to confirm. My dining partner ordered the stir fried minced pork with Thai basil extra spicy which was a great choice.

Teas are offered with little bottles of lime juice and sugar syrup so they can be served to your taste, and after lunch we were presented with a dish of candies. I was really impressed by the attention to detail here, and the service was thoughtful and efficient. I can’t wait to go back with a big group at dinner to try some more of the menu.

Mango coconut sticky rice and Thai green tea
Colourful seating with “hole in the floor”

Set lunch, VND 120k per person.

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