OM Vegetarian

With it’s mystical floating Buddha, lily pad indoor pond, fake cherry blossom and twee gift shop, you could be mistaken for thinking this district 2 restaurant is a bit of a gimmick. Yet another health-food place with spurious claims about the healing powers of its food and drinks. However, if you take those claims with a pinch of salt, and enjoy the food for what it is – flavourful and delicious vegetarian cooking, eating here is an absolute treat.

Buddha and his pet fish in a giant lily pad pond and … stuff

The long menu has a mixture of Vietnamese vegetarian food and interpretations of western dishes incorporating unusual ingredients (seaweed lasagne, for example). There are choices of soups, pizza, pasta but on this occasion only asian-style food was ordered. The drinks menu while comparatively quite expensive has many options of juices and smoothies, as well as ‘heat release’ drinks, and a range of teas.

Brown rice with claypot eggplant and steamed vegetable

An appetiser of mustard green rolls was fresh and crunchy with carrot and red cabbage, and had a nice balance of flavours and textures.  The enormous mountain of tempura mushrooms was great, perhaps a little under-salted, but that didn’t matter once dipped into sweet chilli sauce.

Mixed mushroom tempura

Also ordered was a dish of claypot eggplant which was actually a mixture of vegetables including mushrooms, onions and carrots braised in a savoury peppery sauce. I think the dark green leaves were perilla (one of the usual huge bunch of herbs served with vietnamese food) and this gave an aromatic addition to the pot.



Claypot eggplant

The steamed tofu Hong Kong style was interestingly geometrically presented and had a really tasty ginger and garlic sauce. Accompanying the tofu were crispy fried bits of … something… and steamed vegetables (yes… more mushrooms)

All in all, a lovely and balanced meal. Four dishes and a portion of brown rice was definitely way too much for two people but somehow we finished the lot. So much for trying to be ‘healthy’…

Steamed tofu Hong Kong style

Meal for 2 (but could easily have served 4), 500K VND including soft drinks and service charge.

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